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We believe in the power of knowledge and the importance of staying informed about the latest trends and advancements in the composites market. That’s why we present our exceptional program, featuring a variety of captivating events :


Welcome to the Opening Ceremony! Get ready to dive into the innovative world of composites in Southeast Asia.

9:30 – 10:00 Keynote Speech: Driving Innovation with Composites, Outlook of the use of
Composites in BMW cars, (BMW)
Explore the advancements in the automotive sector, focusing on how BMW integrates composites for enhanced performance and sustainability. Keynote from BMW Cars (BMW)

10:00 – 11:00 Panel Discussion: Sustainability Contributions of Composites in the
automotive industry
Dive into the environmental aspects of composite use in the automotive industry, addressing challenges and opportunities in sustainability.
– Prof. Kheng Lim Goh – New Castle University (Singapore)
– Dr. Henry Shin – Managing Director, Carbon & Composites Solutions Center, KCarbon (Korea)
– Valerio Corniani – VP Asia Pacific, Diab. (Australia)
– Moderator: Danu Chotikapanich – CEO, Cobra International

15:00 – 15:30 Keynote Speech: Thermoplastic Cabins (CTC an Airbus Company) – Elevating the Future: Composites in the Sky
Discover the transformative impact of composites in the aerospace and drone sectors, contributing to significant advancements in air mobility.

15:30 – 16:30 Panel Discussion: The Role of Composites in Drones
High-Flying Innovation: Drones and Beyond
Explore the critical role composites play in the drone industry, from design and manufacturing to the implications for future aerial technologies.
Qarbon Aerospace


9:15-9:45 Keynote – Market Outlook of the Sports Industry
9:45-10:45 Panel Discussion: R&D and Collaboration in Composites
Synergizing Strength: The Power of Partnership
Delve into the collaborative efforts between part manufacturers, material suppliers, and academia in advancing research and development in composites.

15:00-15:30 Challenging Composite Applications in Construction
Uncover the potential of composites in construction and architecture, focusing on innovative solutions that meet structural and environmental challenges.
Thammachat Kulprapha – Managing Director, Nontri Co., Ltd. (Thailand)

15:30-16:30 Panel Discussion:
Structures of Tomorrow: The fiber reinforced concrete
Engage in a comprehensive discussion on how composites are driving the development and
realization of groundbreaking architectural projects

Join us to explore these exciting areas that promise to drive growth and innovation in the industry.

Please note that all the details of these programs will be regularly updated on our website. We encourage you to visit our website frequently to stay informed about the latest program updates.

Delegate Benefits

Gain access to a wide range of content over two full days, including informative conferences, supplier workshops.

Connect with industry professionals, experts, and potential business partners during the event’s networking sessions, including breaks, lunches, and the Evening Networking Event.

Purchasing a delegate pass does not include access to the business meeting program. However, if you have a supplier profile, take advantage of our various sponsorship packages and tabletop opportunities. With these packages, you’ll gain access to a dedicated schedule of business meetings and our exclusive business meeting platform. Elevate your presence and engagement by exploring our supplier packages for a more tailored and impactful experience at the event.

Attend conferences and workshops to acquire valuable insights into the composites market and learn from industry leaders and innovators.

Explore specialised composites sites on the third day.


Live a full experience of Southeast Asia Composites Industry

The Composites Tour is an all-inclusive day of visits. Everything is organized for you including the shuttle and the lunch. Limited to 50 participants that must be registered to JEC Forum Southeast Asia 2024. Registration is free and based on a first come-first served basis.


Departure from AVANI + Riverside
8:00 am

Composites Tour at Cobra International
9:27 am

Lunch and Composites Tour at Qarbon Aerospace
12:00 pm

Composites Tour at Carbon Magic (Thailand) Co. Ltd.
3:35 pm

Back at the AVANI + Riverside
7:50 pm

Cobra group of companies (“COBRA”) is one of the world’s largest OEM manufacturers of composite products. With its heritage in Watersports, it has developed a strong reputation in the core markets of Windsurfing, Surfing, Stand up Paddle (SUP), and Wing Foil. Throughout its history, COBRA has continued to innovate and has expanded its product range beyond Watersports, to become a world-class manufacturer of selected high-end composite parts across a range of specialized market sectors, including Automotive, Drone, UAV, Architecture/Construction, Marine, and Luxury Accessories.

COBRA is the ideal manufacturing partner for high end fiber-reinforced products and components. With solutions tailored to specific needs, but always with a focus on being Strong, Light, and Beautiful, COBRA manufactures a myriad of components for customers worldwide.Cobra Composites Tour Bangkok 2024


Logo Carbon Magic
With optimized processes and cutting-edge equipment, Low-cost products are stably mass-produced.

To provide carbon composite molded products that are lighter and stronger than metallic products with stable quality at as reasonable prices as possible, we established Carbon Magic Thailand. Various molded products for aircraft, automobiles, motorcycles, and industrial equipment are developed, designed, and prototyped in Japan and mass-produced in Thailand. To meet the increasing demand for the mass production of composite products. Aiming at improvement of productivity and stabilization of quality. Use of cutting-edge equipment allows us to further reduce the costs of high-precision products for stable mass production that cannot be achieved domestically. We meet customer needs by pursuing the business model of speedy development in Japan and effective mass production in Thailand.Composites Tours - Carbon Magic


Logo QARBONQarbon Aerospace is a premier manufacturer of cutting-edge composite components and assemblies at all levels of complexity, with products installed on the industry’s most advanced commercial and military aircraft.
The Thailand facility produces various hand lay composite components used in flight control surfaces, wing & empennage structures, and engine fan cases for the A320, A330, A350, B787 and Trent engine families.
Visitors will be invited to have lunch in the facility. Following the lunch, visitors will receive a safety briefing and company introduction, followed by a tour of the facility including the clean room and finishing areas where visitors will gain a sense of the manufacturing practices deployed in today’s generation of commercial aircraft.Qarbon Aerospace Composites Tour bangkok